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Two Person BathtubsLooking for a Unique Way to Spend Quality Time with Your Loved One? Take a Bath Together! Fall in love with the large selection of comfortable two person tubs at Tubz. Then really start the romancing. Don't spoil a romantic evening by trying to fit two bodies in a tiny one person tub. With a two person tub, you can enjoy the comforts of intimate togetherness. Recline with your love in the warm, swirling waters of your two person tub.

Two Person Tub Features

Choose two person tub features that create a Hollywood atmosphere at home:

  • Whirlpool jet system
  • Air bath system
  • Combo air and whirlpool system
  • Digital electronic control system
  • Universal remote control
  • 2 pulsating neck jet pillows
  • Fast‑fill waterfall spout
  • Foot rests
  • Chromatherapy
  • Reclining, contoured lounge seats
  • Slip resistant tub floor
  • Durable, easy‑to‑clean acrylic surface
  • 2 pulsating neck jet pillows
  • And much, much more spout

More Two Person Tub Information

Water and Water Heater: Before buying a two person tub, be sure you have a water heater that can meet the requirements of the larger bathtub. Time to reheat the heater for other household uses may be required. If your water heater does not meet your two person tub needs, consider purchasing a tankless heater that connects directly to your two person tub. It is generally considered that 65% of the two person tub's capacity will be hot water. So for two person tubs that hold up to 60 gallons of water, you will need at least 40 gallons of water for adequate bathing levels.

Adequate Space for the Two Person Tub: We recommend measuring the available area in your bathroom to insure that the dimensions of the two person tub will fit. If you're giving up space in your bathroom to fit your two person tub, choose a tub that comes in a bold color such as maroon, blue, or green. Bold colors give the illusion that the bathroom is larger.

Two Person Bathtub Shapes: Common shapes of two person tubs are round, rectangle, oval, corner and even heart‑shaped. When you are ready for glamorous romancing in your very own two person tub, contact us or stop in and visit Tubz!

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